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30 thoughts on “Why Buy a Super C Motorhome”
  1. At 12:23 When I talk about maintenance intervals, I read from the brochure wrong. I read the sheet in kilometres and not miles. Short Haul Oil Change is 35K miles and Long Haul Oil Change is 50K miles. Sorry for the slip up there. Thanks for the support! – Chuck

  2. Wow I am blown away. I was about to pull the trigger with a Class A RV in Texas but after watching this and looking at their dealerships horrible reviews and lemon stories I will now get a super with your dealership only.

  3. I enjoy your presentations, I do not currently own a Motorhome but that could change. I enjoy the feeling I get from listening to you talk of your business. As a former business owner and a person who spent a few years on motorhome lots as a salesman to learn about them, I most admire the integrity you seem to bring to the table. If and when the time comes to buy another, I feel a drive to Idaho would be an investment in peace of mind and a door to great adventure. Good luck and thanks.

  4. Hi just came across this video. Found it full of useful information on things i never had even thought of. So i have now subscribed to watch more of your videos. Thanks

  5. For the cost of owning/maintaining a motor home we can stay in the best resorts. We take our time in driving see a nice place stop early enjoy. They do your laundry prepare meals different environment every night if you want to. No noisy neighbors. Easy parking of car or pickup. Good gas mileage and low insurance low depreciation. If I was to rent an RV. I would choose a Super C. I like their looks and handling. Michigan

  6. I had been shopping for a class a and was shocked to learn that a prominent local couple who had been killed in a wreck just outside our city had actually died in a class a motor home. It was reported that the class a had changed lanes and departed the highway. The couple and their dog were crushed by the frame. I think the structure of a super c can probably would have protected them. I don’t know that, but it’s at least possible in a super c and not possible in a class a.

  7. They should give a schedule for RVs. There’s no way waiting 35k for an oil change is a good idea. I have a 10 year-old RV with 35k miles.

    Big truck specs, big truck costs. $1k oil changes, $10k tire sets…

  8. Some of the most interesting info I have heard on both why an rv and why a super C, would love to have one of those big Detroit diesels as I will be transitioning from towing a toy hauler and my dinghy will be my duramax. Curious why we are seeing Detroits' when the majority seem to have cummins and cats?

  9. The bigger the RV, the fewer places you can park it. With a big RV, your view out the window will always be acres of other big RVs. With a Class B, you have a lot more choices, such as BLM areas.

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