Change your playback settings to watch in 1080p HD! Josh Van Wagoner rolls through Orlando, Florida on the way to Miami. He talks about his custom build, running night time hours and his trucking history.

He runs a 1998 Peterbilt 379 / Caterpillar 3406e / 707 HP/ 13 speed / 3.55 rears / 315 wheelbase pulling a 2013 Great Dane Stainless Steel Sliding Spread Refrigerated Trailer.

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Produced By: Christopher E. Fiffie
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50 thoughts on “Van Wagoner Trucking – Rolling CB Interview™”
  1. I didn’t comment it before but I will now… He definitely did it but… His left air cleaner light is dim. One of em. Of coursed he changed it this is 5 years ago. Just pointing it out shoulda before l lol lol lol……….. think I see that he’s got a few dim lights. He definitely changed the bulbs now… just pointing it out lol lol I shoulda 5years ago ?

  2. Tractor and Trailer are top notch no doubt but DAMMIT BOY that radio is on point……Brings back memories of my Gal 99 I had ?

  3. Well if the money's not an option you can get anything done !!!! Hope you make enough money hauling that cheap Florida Produce to keep up with that truck !!!???????

  4. Love Jaaon and Shanda! Very close friends of mine. They do an amazing job on the polish! I've been watching them work on this truck for a while. Always heard about it seen it once in person. Beautiful truck for sure Van. Safe Trucking Brother! Thank you for doing your part on keeping the world moving!

  5. I'm getting into that truck life when I turn 21 next year I'm excited wish I was orn earlier so I can be like some of these old school truckers. If them wheels ain't turning you ain't making no money

  6. Funny, 707hp "ya that's how much that Hell Cat makes right?" Not even close, diesels are torque monsters. This guy knows nothing about trucks except taking videos.

  7. Well I don’t think these will be happening after the hands free phone law goes in to effect. I retired about 10 years ago.38 years in a big truck.Do they have hands free CB mic’s.Definitely beautiful truck. O/O specs?? Good travels guys. You make us all proud.

  8. I kept pausing , going back and so on. I just couldn’t get enough of the interior. I don’t like to say beautiful when it comes to trucks but this one is just stunning beautiful.

  9. That's a Beatiful truck and i like the trailer its Beatiful and gotta love those chicken lights there's plenty of them stay safe out there

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