One of many cool shots on the 2013 Richard Crane Memorial Truck Show DVD available at 4 State Trucks.

Produced By: Christopher E. Fiffie
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16 thoughts on “Street Petes Convoy to St.Ignace, Michigan”
  1. Looking through your videos and see a thumbnail that looked real familiar. One of my neighbors trucks from down in the thumb. Damn good looking Pete. Great video Big Rig!

  2. How bout ya big rig videos !!! Ask them truckers about routes ,low bridges , tight places, getting lost due to a detour or in general ,and how to help new truckers , and gps or atlas books , ill be tunned in daily to see them videos .I drove 2yrs and hated all above problems! Gave up my cdl as well, due to medical issues and still miss the riding around touring rather drive a rig than a 4wheeler! .. anyway ill be looking for the video or videos with all above questions daily !! So get-er-done lol thanks Dave …

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