In this DVD segment Shawn Gibson talks about his Chrome Shop Mafia built truck “Wicked Obsession” that was competing in the 2013 PKY Truck Beauty Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. Grab other DVDs here –

Produced By: Christopher E. Fiffie
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5 thoughts on “Owner Operator Interview – Gibson Trucking”
  1. As a owner operator truck driver, how do you find subcontractor workers when you have emergencies and cannot drive your truck? Also, do you hire subcontractors to drive your truck?

  2. Q. One of the most important parts, other than the motor, in a long-haul truck, is the Driver's seat.  What types of innovations are implemented for Driver's comfort, to help them endure long-haul miles?
    Q. There's a lot of money wrapped up in some of these trucks.  Are truckers THAT well compensated, to be able to afford what they spend on their trucks?
    Q. Would be a shame to wreck a truck like this (involuntarily of course). If you wrecked it, could you ever get enough money back from Insurance, to replace it?

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