( http://www.Transwest.com/frederick ) This 2020 Freightliner M2 Summit Hauler is a high dollar machine with many features that put it above a luxury dually HD pickup truck.

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50 thoughts on “Here’s Why This MONSTER Freightliner Will Make You Hate Your Dually Pickup!”
  1. Well my daully pick up is sorta kinda like a 1991 Ford F-350 (not the diesel) and it kinda sorta shoots flames sometimes and that’s after I fixed the timing and like it’s sorta kinda the loudest vehicle on the road aaaaaannnndddd it has semi truck mirrors and the body is cracked at the duallys and the front passenger door is white with a bird while the rest of the truck is red……. so overall good luck make me hate my dually (it was only 1k to buy and I put another 1k into it for new gas tank and just various engine parts that needed replacement like spark plugs etc.)

  2. Its probably a dd9 business class converted to a pickup of course it has air system if it's a semi truck and not four air systems the truck runs on air power for its suspension in components along with its brakes unless you have certification on your license you should not be driving it because you are under classed

  3. Ok I've watch a few comparison videos…I don't get it…
    What's the advantage? NONE!
    COST More…
    NOT Faster…
    NOT Stronger…
    Have to have a higher lisence…More Cost and Time…
    Ugly as Hell…
    For 150,000.00+…the inside dash SUCKS!!!
    I Mean seriously…what is the advance to pay Twice the price to do the same Job? Rediculas!

  4. And this is why we drive a diesel pusher motorhome and pull a jeep behind. We can take the jeep to the store, outlet malls, off roading, you name it. It's a challenge just taking this thing to the grocery store and you definitely won't be hitting the trails with this rig. We like more freedom to do things when we travel. Just not our cup of tea.

  5. So much negativity people my goodness. Anyways! Yes, there's a small niche for this type of truck but there is a niche for this type of truck. For example we show horses and 9 horse slant loads are a little heavy for dually so horse trainers like using these type trucks. A lot safer.

  6. My 2019 dodge drw will hold 5510 lbs, and tow 32000. It only cost $ 38k.
    400 hp and 1000lbs torque stock, after tuning 465hp and 1250 lbs torque,
    Take that freighter.
    Oh and btw I get better fuel mileage, and truck weights half as much, so power to weight ratio blows you away lol

  7. So with air brakes it's a class 7 truck, like an F750. I have wanted an F650 for years with a 5.9, 6.7 or 8.3 Cummins and an Allison trans if I was planning on towing 30K lbs plus instead of a silly F350 or Silverado 3500.

  8. For what people are paying, the crazy size they're getting and how hard they're being worked they aught to be running huge Medium Duty trucks like this.

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