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( ) Ford vs GM vs Ram: Here Is The Best New American Luxury Pickup Truck!

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38 thoughts on “Ford vs GM vs Ram: Here Is The Best New American Luxury Pickup Truck!”
  1. dang i would not pay 80k for that ford its interior looks like a 2005 truck so outdated and ugly denali has outdated interior but the exterior is a beautifuo truck but the ram deff takes the prize .. interior wise exterior idk it’s ok i guesss but ford never …

  2. Dodge has always focused on there interior hoping customers will overlook there build quality. None of these trucks are bought by people who work them. Just hairdressers driving to work hoping people still think they have a penis… You did a very thorough review and I enjoyed it soThank you! If you could do the same kind of comparison with the F250’s and there equals I think would be interesting for the guys who work these trucks… Thank!

  3. Does anybody remember when pick ups were built to haul and tow, not to drive around in luxury? My old 79 power wagon road like a tank but it would outwork this new crap any day

  4. I figured for a luxury truck review, you'd focus on interior, features, ride comfort, sound system, infotainment, etc a little more. That Ram interior and features and with air ride suspension, is the clear winner. Fantastic ride and top notch interior. Everyone knows nobody is going to use these trucks for actual work. But really great review overall.

  5. Considering you are reviewing these trucks from a Canadian perspective, I'm surprised your take is so predictable. The RAM is the only vehicle that has tried to push the envelope, both in exterior esthetics, & interior quality/detail. Ford & GMC are both examples of why US manufacturing lags behind other nations when it comes to clear design brief, material quality commensurate with sticker price, & up to date technologies. Ford trucks have without doubt the most awkward interior design, with awful ergonomics, cheap materials, questionable detailing & needless features like trailer assist. (if you can't back a trailer up, you shouldn't be towing one in the first place)
    High output, small displacement engines that Ford's increasingly relying on will undoubtedly reach their life expectancy long before their V8 bretherin, & given their need for increased fuel to meet boost pressures, only offer similar efficiencies to that of V8's.
    And GM are so budget conscious that there truck interiors & power plants haven't evolved much since the mid 2010's, & the absence of a panoramic sunroof in a Denali or AT4 is embarrassing. Their interior design is stagnant & options for their trucks are so complicated, between 6, 8, & 10 speed transmissions, AFM & DFM, engines, regular, extended & crew cabs, short, regular & long beds, multiple rear axle ratios & an over-priced Diesel option, it's no wonder their "Build It' website keeps crashing. 
    It's mind boggling why so many folks buy Ford & GM trucks, especially when Toyota's aging Tundra has such high resale values, & Ram's pickup clearly laps the field when it come to recognizing how the majority of trucks are used in 2020.
    Keep an eye out for Tesla & Rivian's entrance into this market-place, as I'm certain there will be a large number of early adopters of all electric pick ups that will never go back to the current crop of offerings.

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