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Used 2013 Fontaine Infinity 53 x 102 Combination aluminum and steel drop deck! Combo construction with aluminum side rails, rear and floor with (4) Apitong nail strips, 18” king pin, widespread air ride with a California legal rear axle slide. 122” spread when in the open position and 54” spread in the closed position. The suspension meets the 40’ inner bridge requirement when in the closed position. Rear axle dump, winch track both side with 12 sliding winches, 17 pair of pop-up chain ties, 10’ upper deck/43’ lower deck, 40” deck height, LED lights with 3 marker lights per side, Hendrickson HLX5 grease hubs, LP 22.5 on all steel wheels, Hendrickson AANL23K Intraax suspensions with 4S2M ABS, Side rails are all aluminum routed style the most durable on the market, 12” crossmember spacing with coil hauling package rated at 45,780#’s in 4’ concentrated.


Trailer advertised is the bottom trailer in the stack. The tire measurements are: LFO 15/32 LFI 15/32 LRO 15/32 LRI 15/32 RFO 15/32 RFI 15/32 RRO 14/32 RRI 15/32
Brake measurements are: LF 22/32 LR 14/32 RF20 /32 RR 20/32

FOB Villa Ridge, MO

Weights & Dimensions
Length: 53 ft
Width: 102 in

Category Specific
Composition: Combination
Type of Neck: Fixed
Coil Package: Yes
Side Rails: Yes
Winches: Yes
Number of Winches: 12
Winch Type: Sliding
Tie Downs: Yes
Number of Tie Downs: 17
Nail Strips: Yes
Two Speed Landing Gear: Yes
Stake Pockets: Yes

Suspension: Air Ride
Floor Type: Aluminum Floor
Tires: low pro 22.5
Tire % Remaining: 75
Brake % Remaining: 80
Wheels: All Steel
Number of Rear Axles: Tandem
Axle Type: Sliding Spread
Mud Flaps: Yes

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