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Need Targeted Trucking Industry Traffic?? can send you thousands of new traffic to your website or social media.
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Advertise With A Trusted Brand

The advantages are clear when you advertise with Trailer Todd, the nation’s most well-read classifieds for buying and selling heavy trucks and trailers. Published live across the country, Trailer Todd targets users in your area with advertising as current as your inventory. Combining an easy-to-read format with hundreds of full-color photos, Trailer Todd ensures your equipment is displayed in full detail.

Self Service Advertising

Trailer Todd has a advertising system so easy that you’ll be able to click a few buttons and have your ad up live!

Ad Location

Select the location you would like to have your ad placed. Here’s what we offer currently

 Sidebars Ads –  Sidebar Ads are located on each side of the website in the tall bar shaped blocks that run from the bottom of the website to the top.

Content areas – Content Areas are located in the middle of the website above, below and between the content.

Sponsors section – Sponsors section is located on the left sidebar below the category list.

Pop Up windows – Pop Up Windows are on every page so that no matter where someone enters our website they will see your ad on a pop up.

Peel Ads –  Peel ads are located on the top corners of all the pages. They offer a unique way to serve ads to users. They look like the page is peeling to expose your ad which is easily clicked and highly visible.

Billing Model

Select how you would like to purchase traffic. Here’s our options. 

Cost Per Click – Cost Per Click is where you pay for a certain amount of clicks.

Cost Per View – Cost Per View is where you pay for a certain amount of views.

Cost Per Day – Cost Per Day is where you pay a flat rate without any limitations of views or clicks.

Ad Image

You can upload your very own Ad image. We accept all sizes and shapes. 

You should make sure of a few things before you upload.

Logo is visible – Make sure the users can see your logo so they aren’t confused. Confusing them only leads to wasted clicks.

Contact Info is Visible – Make sure your contact info is visible so the user can reach out to you form the banner.

Link form Banner – If you have a website and would like users to click your ad make sure you include your website link.

No Nudity – Nobody likes  a surprise like that.

It doesn't get easier than this!

Fill out this quick form below. Your Ad will be live instantly!

Create new Ad

Choose Billing model and Limit display

Ad Preview

Don't have an Ad image yet?

Don’t worry, We can make one for you to use. Just contact us and we help you out. 816-772-6074